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Mission Statement

Today’s economic system is at odds with the limits set by nature. Too many decisions are based on short-term profit for a few select groups rather than a moral and fair distribution of the world's resources.

The Sophie Prize is an annual international environmental prize of US $ 100,000 (one hundred thousand US dollar).

For as long as the means allow, The Sophie Prize will be awarded to an individual or an organization that, in a pioneering or a particularly creative way, has pointed to alternatives to the present development and put such alternatives into practice.

  • What kind of change of consciousness is needed?
  • What is sustainable wisdom?
  • What qualities of life are the most important?
  • What important alternative measures must be implemented now?
  • What kind of mobilization of people is needed in the “global village”?

The recipient of The Sophie Prize will have found an answer to one or several of the challenging questions above, thereby contributing to setting them on the international agenda. Concerning fair distribution of resources and global environmental and development issues, we will distinguish between what is perceived as attainable in the short run and what is absolutely necessary in the long run. The Sophie Prize will honor efforts to promote changes in the world that are necessary in a long-term perspective.